Having your own esthetician sounds fancy, doesn’t it? Contrary to that perception, having your own professional to address your specific skin care needs is quite practical. If you are interested in skin care, brow shaping, face or body waxing, makeup, or have an interest in all things beauty on any level, then you need your own esthetician!

Estheticians are trained in skin care, waxing, and makeup services. Most have extensive knowledge of product ingredients, too. Some are trained in med spa services, body treatments, eyelash extensions, and permanent makeup. They work on skin all day, in and day out, all year long. Having a professional go-to person for all of your beauty/grooming needs is priceless. In the endless sea of beauty products and services, your esthetician will help you wade and sift through it all, so you don’t waste your time or money.

Another benefit of having your own esthetician is that skin professionals will often align themselves with other beauty professionals such as hair designers, dermatologists, and massage therapists, so they have comprehensive knowledge of what’s going on in the beauty, skin, and body care worlds.

It takes time to fully understand someone’s skin and clearly be in tune with a person’s beauty and grooming goals. Same as a hair stylist getting to know your hair, its exact texture, how it likes to curl in different environments, etc., your esthetician will invest time in you to find your best beauty/grooming plan.

Investing time in you… Doesn’t that sound nice?

Everyone has different ideas of what beauty and grooming mean to them, and those ideas change as our lives change. For some, having their brows cleaned up each month along with a simple daily skin care is enough. Others dive in and embrace everything the beauty world has to offer: Advanced treatments and serums, head-to-toe waxing, lash extensions, weekly massages, and an insatiable need to own all of this season’s ‘must have’ colors. Many drift in and out of the beauty world depending on what is going on in their lives, such as reunions, weddings, a new job, or diving back into the dating world.

If you’re getting all of your beauty information from the internet and magazines, that’s an okay place to start, but having an actual go-to professional is far more personal. Keep in mind, most of the celebrities and models that fill those magazines have their own estheticians and makeup artists. That’s why they look so polished!

Finding an esthetician that you connect with may take a few visits. It’s no different than finding other trusted professionals. A few questions to ask yourself during your visit include:

  • “Is this person listening to what I’m looking for?”
  • “Did this person actually read my intake file before working on me?”
  • “Did this person ask me about allergies?”

A good esthetician will ask you questions about your skin and what you currently use.

She may also offer other services you may be interested in, based on your personal assessment. Her job is to deliver what you are looking for and help you achieve your health and beauty goals.