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Alison Andrews Express Services

Express Services

Time-saving Services Cost
10-Minute Tune-Up Massage   $10
15-Minute Tune-Up Massage $15
20-Minute Reflexology Treatment $25
Touch Up Makeup after Brow or Facial Service $25
30-Minute Express Facial

Includes cleansing, papaya enzyme mask, 5 minute facial massage, moisturizer, and sun block.

Take 25 Massage

Great massage for people on the go. Your 25-minute massage is performed directly over your clothes and is full body. Perfect for a midday break and leaves you invigorated.

45-minute Tune Up

Relaxing gentle massage, lt. reflexology on hands and feet. Kick off your shoes, stay fully clothed, and keep your hair in place. Easy to fit into your day!

Express Ultrasonic Treatment

Includes Oxygen cleanser, Ultrasonic exfoliation, Ultrasonic infusion.


30 minute services that are effective and relaxing. Perfect as add ons to most services.