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Alison Andrews Massage


The benefits of massage are vast. Enhance your well being by easing tension, soothing sore muscles, improving your circulation, and helping your body rid itself of a few toxins.  Our massages are a full 30, 60, and 90 minutes.



This bump-friendly version of our 1-hour massage uses prenatal approved lotion. Guests must be past the first trimester. However, we always recommend you check with your doctor first.


Great for people on the top. Invigorating 25 minute massage performed directly over your clothes. Super for a midday perk. No massage lotion and it won’t mess your hair.


Chinese herbs, light body oil and warm hydrating lotion gently exfoliate and hydrate all skin types. Very moisturizing and great all year round.


AMS, a therapeutic massage device, combines vacuum massage with applied pressure, delivering a noninvasive, deep massage with optimal stimulations, stretching and pressure to the subdermal tissues. Approved by the FDA as a method for temporary reduction in the appearance of cellulite. Best results come with a series of a 16 treatments.